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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Substitutes for Asbestos-Cement Construction Products

by Barry Castleman

Substitutes for these asbestos products are not limited to products that simply replace asbestos with another material (e.g., PVA ,and cellulose in fiber-cement roofing sheet). There are also a number of wholly different products that can replace the asbestos products. A number of substitutes for asbestos-cement products are included in the following table.

Asbestos Product
Substitute Products
Asbestos-Cement Corrugated Roofing
Fiber-cement roofing using: synthetic fibers (polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene)
and vegetable/cellulose fibers (softwood kraft pulp, bamboo, sisal, coir, rattan
shavings and tobacco stalks, etc.); with optional silica fume, flyash, or rice husk
ash Microconcrete (Parry) tilesGalvanized metal sheetsClay tilesVegetable fibers
in asphaltSlateCoated metal tiles (Harveytile)Aluminum roof tiles (Dekra Tile)
Extruded uPVC roofing sheetsRecycled polypropylene and high-density
polyethylene and crushed stone (Worldroof)Plastic coated aluminumPlastic
coated galvanized steel.

Asbestos-Cement Flat Sheet (ceilings, facades, partitions)
Fiber-cement using vegetable/cellulose fibers (see above), wastepaper, optionally
synthetic fibersGypsum ceiling boards (BHP Gypsum)Polystyrene ceilings,
cornices, and partitionsFa├žade applications in polystyrene structural walls (coated
with plaster) Aluminum cladding (Alucabond) BrickGalvanized frame with plaster
-board or calcium silicate board facingSoftwood frame with plasterboard or
calcium silicate board facing.

Asbestos-Cement Pipe
High Pressure:Cast iron and ductile iron pipeHigh-density polyethylene
pipePolyvinyl chloride pipeSteel-reinforced concrete pipe (large sizes)Glass
-reinforced polyester pipe Low Pressure:Cellulose-cement pipeCellulose/PVA
fiber-cement pipeClay pipeGlass-reinforced polyester pipeSteel-reinforced
concrete pipe (large diameter drainage)

Asbestos-Cement Water Storage Tanks
Cellulose-cementPolyethyleneFiberglassSteelGalvanized ironPVA-cellulose fiber-
cement, Asbestos-Cement Rainwater Gutters; Open Drains (Mining Industry)
Galvanized ironAluminumHand-molded cellulose-cementPVC

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